Safe Drinking Water for Displaced Families in Gaza

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RVF is glad to announce that safe drinking water is now available in at a shelter serving over 100,000 people Khan Younis, Gaza. RVF has been able to repair and are maintaining a water desalination and water purification unit, producing approximately 250m3 liters of potable water per day. It is already a crucial source of water for drinking and hygiene for the over 100,000 displaced individuals currently sheltering there. The resourcefulness and perseverance of RVF personnel and Khan Younis Society community members has ensured that the unit is up and running despite the ongoing conflict. RVF’s team on the ground will continue to work with local partners to oversee the integration of the unit, ensuring its technical functionality and safety. RVF is working to get other desalination unites up and running at other schools and public areas in Gaza.