Pledge to Donors

RVF relies on the generosity of donors like you to help save the lives and improve the future of children impacted by our programs. We pride ourselves on running a streamlined operation that ensures that your donation goes directly to programs.

RVF commits to:

  • Use all donations as directed by donors
  • Provide formal acknowledgement of all donations
  • Ensuring all donor information remains confidential
  • RVF will never sell or share your personal information.
  • Give every donor the option to have their names removed from mailing lists.
  • Ensure transparency in reporting of all donations and resources.
  • Making all RVF financial information available to donors, media and the public.

Donor FAQ

How do I donate?
You can donate online, or you can mail a check directly to us here:

RVF Attn: Merle Nilk, Finance Manager
1776 K ST NW
Washington, DC USA

Is my donation tax-deductible?
RVF is publicly-supported non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All US donations should be tax deductible.

How is RVF supported?
RVF is supported by private foundations, governments and corporations

What does my donation support?
Your donation supports programs that improve the health of children in sustainable and transformational ways. Not only does your donation support a great program that makes a huge difference in the lives of its beneficiaries, but every program RVF conducts is sustainable. That means that the program continues after RVF’s direct role in it concludes. That means that your gift keeps giving.

How much of my donation goes directly to programs?
RVF prides itself on its efficient and sustainable programming. RVF maintains a very low admin rate where 92.5% goes towards programming and 7.5% goes towards administration. All RVF programs are designed to be fully financially sustained by host countries within 3-5 years of inception. Where can I find RVF’s financial information?  You can find the last five years of RVF’s 990 tax reporting forms here (link to financial information page).

What is RVF’s EIN?
RVF’s EIN is 52-1752473

Are online donations to RVF safe and secure?
Yes. QGive uses multiple layers of security to keep your personal information secure. Secure Sockets Layer technology to encrypt all data submitted to and from our donations web page. SSL renders donors’ personal information, including credit card information, unreadable to any outsiders.

What is your privacy policy?
Read our full privacy policy

Whom do I contact if I have issues making online donations?
Call us at 202-296-5730

How do I make a donation by mail or offline? 
You can mail a check to us at the following address:

RVF Attn: Merle Nilk, Finance Manager
1776 K ST NW
Washington, DC 20006 USA

Can I make a recurring donation? 
Yes! Simply make that selection as you complete your donation. We encourage it!

Can I direct my donation to specific projects or countries?
Yes. Designate it in the donation page or add it in your comments. We will use your donation as indicated and will reflect that in your donation receipt.