Rotavirus Vaccination for Babies in the West Bank and Gaza Fully Sustained

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health (PMOH) is now fully sustaining the rotavirus vaccination program for all infants in both the West Bank and Gaza. Since January 2019, the PMOH has been purchasing and distributing the rotavirus vaccine for all babies in the West Bank and Gaza, approximately 130,000 babies per year. RVF also worked with the PMOH to introduce the ROTAVAC ™ WHO-prequalified vaccine, produced by Bharat Biotech in 2018, reducing the overall cost of vaccinating babies against rotavirus and helping ensure the sustainability of the program.

Read PMOH Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Asad Ramlawi’s letter regarding RVF support of the Rotavirus program here.

Rotavirus disease causes severe and potentially fatal diarrhea in babies. RVF worked with the PMOH to introduce the rotavirus vaccine in 2016. RVF provided the rotavirus vaccine as well as training and oversight of the program for the last three years, while the local health care workers and administrators carried out the program. As of January 2019, RVF is no longer providing any assistance and the PMOH is fully sustaining the program. The PMOH has been fully sustaining RVF’s pneumococcal vaccination program since 2013.