Egyptian Rotavirus Baseline Study Results Published

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RVF is glad to announce that the results from the baseline rotavirus study in Egypt have been published. The study, Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Rotavirus Strains Circulating Among Children With Gastroenteritis in Egypt was led by virologist Dr. Mohamed Shaheen of the Egyptian National Research Center, with findings published in the The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Journal. The study’s results show that rotavirus caused approximately 40% of all severe cases of diarrhea in children hospitalized across the study sites, much like in other countries that have not yet introduced the rotavirus vaccine. The study concludes that, “RV remains the main causative agent for acute gastroenteritis in Egyptian children. Therefore, it is important to introduce RV vaccine into the national immunization program in Egypt free of charge to all infants to reduce the burden of RV gastroenteritis.”

The full article can also be viewed on the journal’s site here: