Number of Children with Diarrhea Drops Dramatically with Rotavirus Vaccine

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“Unless babies are vaccinated, almost all of them get rotavirus, the doctor told me. Having the vaccine available for free in Gaza can save babies and parents from so much suffering..” – Majdoolin, first-time mother, Gaza City The rotavirus vaccine, … Read More

Introduction of the Rotavirus Vaccine in the West Bank and Gaza

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All babies in the West Bank and Gaza – over 130,000 babies every year- are now receiving the potentially life-saving rotavirus vaccine. Beginning in 2016, RVF partnered with the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) to provide for the universal vaccination … Read More

Screening Newborns for Critical Congenital Heart Disease in Georgia Expanded

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The Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation (RVF), in cooperation with the Georgian Ministry of Labor, Health & Social Development (MLHSD) and with the support of the US Department of State, launched a pilot program to screen all newborns in the Georgian capital of … Read More

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