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TJ_WWWThe Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation began working to improve the health future of children and all citizens of Tajikistan in 2010.

RVF is currently working with the Tajik Ministry of Health to further support deworming efforts through continued training and epidemiological evaluation of helminth infection among the general population.

At the request of the Tajik Ministry of Health (MOH), the Foundation assisted in conducting a baseline study on helminth infection among the general population. This baseline infestation allowed the MOH to determine the effectiveness of the nationwide deworming campaign, which concluded at the end of 2012. This mass campaign against soil-transmitted helminthes was modeled on the Foundation’s successful deworming campaign in neighboring Kyrgyzstan. The deworming program covered nearly 4.3 million individuals throughout the country, with a special focus on school-aged children.  The campaign, which was conducted according to WHO guidelines, has achieved its goal to decrease the infestation level of helminthes through direct treatment as well as intense educational activities for children and their families highlighting effective sanitary-hygienic practices designed to prevent reinfection.

RVF’s completed programs in Tajikistan